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***Note: this is not a political post about white privilege or anything like that. So there is no need to start a debate, these are just my thoughts for you to enjoy.
I'll be the first one to say it. I am privileged. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes privilege as the following:
1. Having or enjoying one or more privileges 2. Not subject to the usual rules or penalties because of some special circumstance; especially: not subject to disclosure in a court of law.
I would like to present my own definition of privilege for your consideration.
Privilege: The ease of access to opportunities
I have been very lucky in my life and have been blessed with many opportunities, much like the one I am on right now. I don't want to tell you about how I work hard to have those opportunities, I did, but that's not what this post is about. Instead, I want to tell you about two girls I saw the other day. 
I was walking around my neighborhood the other day, and I live in a pretty ritzy ar…

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