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La Comida of the Sea and Me.

Let me start by reminding you all that I am from Arizona. Landlocked, closest ocean is eight hours away, Arizona. And then to top it off I am not really a fan of sea food, I never have been I think it's a textural thing but we go.

So yesterday my host mom was in a rush and asked if I could help her out by cooking for her. I told her yes and not to worry about it. As she was running out the door she then told me quickly to cook it (there was a bag of 'it' in the sink) in a pot with a little bit of garlic, salt, and celery in a pot and then to make sure it was covered with water. I told her that I got it handled and it wasn't a problem. I thought I was just going to be boiling some chicken or something. It was not chicken.

I cut up some celery and garlic, sautéed it real quickly and then went over to the bag so I could put, again what I thought was chicken in the pot. I opened up the bag and there were CRABS. There were five living and moving crabs! At t…

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